Send in-app purchase events to OneSignal

RevenueCat can automatically update user tags in OneSignal with their latest subscription status from the App Store or Google Play.

Use the OneSignal integration to:

  • Proactively fight churn

    Determine users who are at risk of churning and begin a campaign to win them back.

  • Improve engagement

    Send push notifications to subscibers that aren't using particular features.

  • Win back users

    Send discount codes to users that have recently canceled.


For every auto-renewing subscription event in RevenueCat, the following tags get added or updated on the user in OneSignal.

  • User ID
  • Period Type
  • Purchased At
  • Expiration
  • Store
  • Environment
  • Last event type
  • Product ID
  • Entitlement ID
  • Active Subscription
  • Grace Period Expiration

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