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Olivier Lemarie

Olivier Lemarie

Head of Growth and Marketing

PhotoRoom empowers resellers, small businesses, and marketplaces to create studio-quality images while saving time and money. The company’s mobile and web apps use deep learning and generative AI to create and enhance images in seconds.

The Challenge

PhotoRoom’s second hire was their head of Growth and Marketing, Olivier Lemarié. As they built their marketing and analytics stack to include best-in-class solutions like Amplitude, Adjust, Braze and Superwall it was evident that feeding these tools accurate subscription and purchase event data was critical to getting the most impactful results.  

“In my experience, it’s always a nightmare to make sure that revenue data is correct everywhere.” said Olivier 

Olivier and his expanding marketing team needed to have confidence in the purchase data that was fuelling their marketing and growth investments.

The Solution

PhotoRoom leveraged RevenueCat for its in-app subscription infrastructure from day one. Founder Matthieu Rouif recognized the importance of ensuring IAP infrastructure was set up and maintained by experts and chose RevenueCat for the job. This allowed PhotoRoom to focus on building their core product capabilities more efficiently. 

With RevenueCat in place, PhotoRoom had access to a single source of truth for all its cross-platform in-app purchase events.

“RevenueCat removes any skepticism about the accuracy of purchase data.” 

With RevenueCat’s dozens of pre-built integrations, all Olivier had to do was connect RevenueCat to PhotoRoom’s existing marketing and analytics tools in order to feed them with accurate customer and purchase event data. 

 “RevenueCat is at the center of our stack for subscriptions. It enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data and then allows us to spread that reliable data across all of the great integrations RevenueCat has with the rest of our marketing and analytics stack.”

The Results

Increased trial rate in Japan by 2-3X using Amplitude Integration 

Amplitude was an obvious choice for product analytics. We send all our purchase data to Amplitude through the RevenueCat integration so that everyone on our team has ownership and access to accurate analytics for product related growth projects.” 

When PhotoRoom was looking to optimize its offering for the Japanese market, it relied on RevenueCat conversion data synced to Amplitude to determine how changes to its product would impact growth. By monitoring the impact of changes to their design templates relative to customer behavior, they drove a 2-3X increase in trial rate for Japan.  

“When we look at lifetime value per behavior or purchase behavior for a given cohort, we get reliable, normalized purchase event data from RevenueCat, and Amplitude gives us the ability to run complex product analytics. With these two components working together, it unlocks growth opportunities.” 

Uncovered Acquisition Opportunities in South Asia via Adjust Integration 

PhotoRoom chose to leverage RevenueCat’s integration with Adjust, a mobile attribution and analytics platform for app marketers, to ensure they were getting the full picture on their advertising investment. 

“We get the revenue events in real-time from RevenueCat and the advertising costs from Adjust. We are able to monitor our profitability completely, without having to add another complex and expensive layer of data visualization, saving us time and money on the engineering side. Given our needs and business stage at the time, it was crucial for us to stay lean, and Adjust allowed us to do this.” 

Having everything reliably in one place didn’t just save PhotoRoom time and money, but it also uncovered an opportunity to accelerate acquisition abroad.

“By monitoring our by-country advertising profitability, we noticed that we have room to grow in the South Asian market. This wouldn’t have been obvious to us if we were just looking at the marketing channels in isolation. However, with Adjust we were able to view all of the numbers from our networks and revenue on the same dashboard. Having a unified view of all of our marketing data provided us with a complete picture and uncovered meaningful insights by which we were able to identify user acquisition opportunities in South Asia ”

Drove a 50% increase in upsell screen conversion with Superwall 

Superwall’s paywall SDK allows developers to remotely update every aspect of their paywalls to optimize for the desired price and customer behavior. RevenueCat’s integration with Superwall syncs billing, subscription and revenue metrics. PhotoRoom leveraged its integration with RevenueCat and Superwall to test and iterate on the localization of their paywalls, leading to a 50% increase in conversion for up-sell screens. 

“I’m really excited about the progress we made on paywalls with Superwall and RevenueCat. This is crazy.” says founder Mattieu Rouif

Want to see how RevenueCat can help?

RevenueCat enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data.

Olivier Lemarie, PhotoRoomOlivier Lemarie, PhotoRoom
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