Introducing Shiptember: A month-long celebration of shipping excellence 🛳️

Introducing Shiptember 2023

Rik Haandrikman

Rik Haandrikman


September is here, and with it comes the crisp autumn air, pumpkin-spiced everything, and… Shiptember!

What is Shiptember?

Shiptember is how we celebrate one of our core RevenueCat values: Always be shipping. It’s about iterating quickly, defaulting to action, and shipping fantastic features that improve our – and your – users’ lives. This month-long celebration isn’t just about us (though we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline 😉) – it’s about YOU, the RevenueCat users that continuously build and ship amazing software.

Kicking Off with a Bang!

To set the tone for Shiptember, we just launched our Paywalls feature on August 31st. Yes, a day before Shiptember officially began, but who’s counting? RevenueCat Paywalls allow you to build and deploy a new paywall quickly, using designs that are based on industry best practices. It allows for dynamic optimization to find what works best for your app. And you’re not just limited to our designs: An update to our offering metadata feature allows you to control and experiment with your custom paywalls from within RevenueCat as well.

And trust us, this is just the beginning. We have some exciting features and changes that we’ll be unveiling later this month. Stay tuned!

Get Your Exclusive Shiptember Swag 🎁

But wait, there’s more! We want to see what YOU are shipping this Shiptember. Share your newly launched app features on Twitter with the hashtag #shiptember, make sure you follow @RevenueCat (so we can DM you), and we’ll send some exclusive Shiptember swag your way. It’s our way of saying thanks for being awesome and for letting us be a part of your journey.

PS. Bonus points (and bonus swag) if what you shipped is a RevenueCat-powered paywall 🧱

PPS. If what you’re shipping is an update to your iOS app, and App Store review doesn’t approve. There are still some App Store rejection socks for you to claim 🧦

If you’re one of the lucky people making their way to NSSpain or droidcon New York this month, you’ll find even more exclusive Shiptember swag at our booths. Come and say hi, and walk away with our time-limited Shiptember stickers or even score yourself one of only 100 Shiptember shirts made.

Wrapping Up

Shiptember is all about celebrating the hard work, the late nights, the “Eureka!” moments, and most importantly, the joy of bringing something new to the world. So, whether you’re launching a tiny update or a game-changing feature, let’s celebrate it together!

Here’s to a month of innovation, celebration, and of course, shipping! 🚢

Happy Shiptember!

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